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Come and study with us Post 16

Do you have an EHCP? 

Is the prospect of transitioning to college too daunting due to anxiety related to Covid 19?

Are colleges unable to offer you a place?

We can offer a personalised study programme combining all or some of the following:

* GCSE's in English, Maths and Science (retake to get a higher level or take for the first time in May 2022)

* Employability, practical, social and life skills to help become independent as you travel towards adulthood

* Opportunities to get involved in our youth enterprise projects enabling you to have a hands on experience of work in a carefully supervised environment

* Negotiate higher levels of study such as A/S levels or A Levels. You pick the subject we source a tutor

*Mental and Physical Health sessions to support healthy eating, diet, exercise and fitness. 

* Access to mental health support to enable you to reach your potential

Contact Karen for more information.

Places available for September 2021