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Are you looking for an Alternative Provision?

Do you have students who are not coping in mainstream education? 

We offer a range of options.

Preventative Placements

Nobody wants to resort to excluding a student but sometimes you have no other option. Perhaps some time out at another provision will afford the student and your school some breathing space. We can offer short term placements designed to help re-engage students and find out why they are presenting so many challenges in the classroom.

Re-integration Placements

Are your students not attending and are on the verge of exclusion for non-attendance. We can work with you to help students re-engage, firstly with us and then with you. Anxiety, depression, health issues can all impact upon a student's ability to attend and very often they want to come in, they are just stuck in a rut and can't find a way out. 

Dual placements

Do you have students who are doing well most of the time but are having meltdowns due to overwhelm or overload?  A dual placement will mean that you get the best of them when they are with you and we can work on recharging their emotional batteries when they are with us. 

Vulnerable Students/Mental Health/Anxiety

Sometimes with the best will in the world you just can't meet the needs of vulnerable students who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. You do not have the resources to support them and you realise that they would benefit from a therapeutic-based learning environment. We can offer emotional well-being support as a first option before slowly introducing academic skills.

Flexible Options

We can offer placements for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or 4 days.

We can offer long term or short stay placements, depending on need.

We offer a competitive daily rate which is inclusive of lunch, refreshments, sport venue costs, ASDAN exam costs, GCSE tutoring and counselling.

We are currently open 10am-2pm  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Please enquire for costings.

Call Karen on 01283 568616    or  email:  [email protected]

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