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          Ewan Rodriguez

Ewan's Room

We recently opened our sensory and counselling suite "Ewan's Room"  as a tribute to Ewan William Rodriguez who sadly and tragically took his own life.

Although we never had the pleasure to meet Ewan his wonderful mother, Michelle, wanted to raise awareness surrounding mental health issues in teenage boys and donated a charitable fundraising gift from his school in Ashby to New Leaf to create a quiet, calming space.

This space will provide an amazing opportunity for all of our students to open up and talk about their feelings and worries in a safe, calming and non-judgemental way. 

Michelle has been incredibly strong and determined in her desire to raise awareness and help others and it is an honour to create a space in Ewan's memory. We very much hope to forge an ongoing relationship with Michelle and support her on her vital mission to raise awareness surrounding mental health.