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We encourage a strong work ethic, with every student working towards ASDAN qualifications in a range of subjects. Class sizes are small with a maximum of four students per class. Who wouldn't thrive in such a lovely calm environment?

ASDAN enables students to complete modules. This gives a clear objective and start and end point which works well for our students with ASD who thrive with boundaries and clear structure. Texts books with hundreds of pages can be intimidating so we present work in small units of study to reduce anxiety.

Education at New Leaf

Our students arrive at New Leaf with different levels of ability and at various ages. For this reason we do not operate by chronological year groups as this does not suit our students. Instead class groups are determined by ability levels which means that nobody is held back and nobody is made to feel uncomfortable studying at a level expected for their age but beyond their current capability.  We acknowledge that many ​of our students have missed huge chunks of their education - some have barely attended their mainstream school due to anxiety and others were rarely in class or were put on part time timetables to try to encourage engagement with their environment.

At New Leaf students start with a clean slate, as though turning over a new leaf.  Their programmes of study are determined by their ability level, their interests and their emotional health. Nobody can study if they are in a constant state of anxiety or experiencing volatile moods and emotions. We address emotional health as a first port of call which is why academic lessons may start slower for some students and then increase as their ability to concentrate and focus increases. This makes perfect sense to us but we know that a mainstream school could not operate with our levels of flexibility and patience.​

Students can study a variety of ASDAN courses and GCSE's.  All students work towards ASDAN qualifications from the moment they arrive as this encourages personal growth and a good work ethic.  We know that English and Maths are crucial subjects for later transitions to colleges or apprenticeships, so we concentrate on intensive tuition in these subjects.